Basic Soldering & Connector Repair Workshop

We have developed a one day soldering class for the beginner who would like to expand their knowledge and experience in electronics through our hands-on soldering workshop. If you have wanted to learn the basics of soldering and connector repair, this is the class for you!

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Students will learn laboratory safety, soldering tools and uses, and solder chemistry to understand how solder does what it does. The class also has many soldering projects to gain technical experience. Class sizes are limited and we are offering it now at an introductory price of just $189.95!

As part of the offer, students receive a temperature controlled soldering station, de-solder braid, soldering aids, alcohol dispenser bottle, helping hands with magnifier, wire strippers, flush wire cutters, needle nose pliers, solder, solder wick, a de-solder remover and handy mechanics storage bag.